Sample Collection

The multi-target stool DNA (mt-sDNA) collection kit is sent directly to the patient’s home. It includes step-by-step instructions for sample collection, preparation, and shipping.1
Shipping of materials and samples happens directly between Exact Sciences Laboratories and the patient
Exact Sciences Laboratories typically processes, analyzes, and provides a result to the provider for each mt-sDNA sample within 2 weeks


  • Exact Sciences Laboratories ships the kit directly to the patient and contacts the patient with instructions for collecting and returning the completed mt-sDNA test
  • Patient completes the test and ships the kit back to the Exact Sciences Laboratories for processing (via pre-paid UPS® label)
  • Exact Sciences Laboratories processes and analyzes the patient’s mt-sDNA test and typically provides a result to the ordering provider within 2 weeks
  • Provider reviews the result and performs appropriate patient follow-up:
    • Positive result: colonoscopy referral
    • Negative result: continued screening and risk assessment at appropriate intervals (every 3 yearsa)
Learn more about the full Indications/Contraindications for the mt-sDNA test.   Please see complete prescribing information for Cologuard in the Cologuard Clinician Brochure


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Last updated: 04/22/2023