• Real-world data suggest growing patient and provider interest in the mt-sDNA test as a non-invasive screening modality for average-risk colorectal cancer (CRC) screening.1 Furthermore, real-world data have demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of mt-sDNA in diverse clinical practice.2

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  • Follow-up colonoscopy findings may be negative for colorectal cancer (CRC) after a positive multi-target stool DNA (mt-sDNA) screening result. However, the incidence of aerodigestive cancers were uncommon among average-risk individuals with negative colonoscopy results, regardless of concordance with mt-sDNA results.4

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  • Real-world studies have indicated that adherence with mt-sDNA testing is high,5,6 even among previously non-adherenta patients.6  Studies also suggest that adherence with a follow-up colonoscopy is high after a positive mt-sDNA result.7,8

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Learn more about the full Indications/Contraindications for the mt-sDNA test.   Please see complete prescribing information for Cologuard in the Cologuard Clinician Brochure


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Nonadherence with CRC screening recommendations was defined as >10 years since last colonoscopy and/or >1 year since last FOBT.


Last Updated: 04/22/2023