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    The multi-target stool (mt-sDNA) test in a non-invasive, at-home colorectal cancer (CRC) screening tool that identifies molecular markers associated with cancer cells in stool samples.1 It is an effective screening tool for patients of any gender, age 45+, and at average risk of developing CRC.1,2  Learn more about how a positive mt-sDNA result may indicate the presence of CRC or Advance Adenoma (AA) and the process for sample collection.

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    Two studies evaluated the performance and specificity of screening with mt-sDNA as a tool to detect CRC in patients at average risk: DeeP-C2  (asymptomatic, average-risk adults, ages 50-84) and Act Now3 (average-risk adults, ages 45-49). Learn more about the data supporting mt-sDNA screening.

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    Real-world data demonstrates that mt-sDNA is an effective modality for CRC screening in diverse clinical practice.4 It has high adherence rates5,6 and has been shown to be cost effective.7 Learn more about mt-sDNA testing performance in real-world settings.

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    Cancer models are an important tool to help understand the value of healthcare interventions where research is not ethical or feasible.8 Learn more about the models used in CRC screening decision-making.9

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Learn more about the full Indications/Contraindications for the mt-sDNA test.   Please see complete prescribing information for Cologuard in the Cologuard Clinician Brochure


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Last Updated: 4/17/2023