• DeeP-C was a prospective, cross-sectional, multicenter, pivotal study that evaluated the performance of multi-target stool DNA test vs fecal immunochemical testa in individuals aged 50-84 with average risk for colorectal cancer.1

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  • Act Now was a prospective, cross-sectional, multicenter study of individuals aged 45-49 years at average risk for colorectal cancer to determine the specificity of the multi-target stool DNA test for advanced colorectal neoplasia using colonoscopy as the reference standard.2
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Learn more about the full Indications/Contraindications for the mt-sDNA test.   Please see complete prescribing information for Cologuard in the Cologuard Clinician Brochure


Imperiale TF, Ransohoff DF, Itzkowitz SH, et al. Multitarget stool DNA testing for colorectal-cancer screening. N Engl J Med. 2014;370(14):1287-1297.

Imperiale TF, Kisiel JB, Itzkowitz SH, et al. Specificity of the multi-target stool DNA test for colorectal cancer screening in average-risk 45-49 year-olds: a cross-sectional study. Cancer Prev Res. 2021;14(4):489-496


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Last Updated: 04/22/2023