December 21, 2023

Our Best of 2023

Here’s a look at this year’s top 10 media moments for Exact Sciences. 

This has been an amazing year for our company, with high engagement in our social channels and in the media on a variety of topics. Our top 10 is a mix of great new developments for patients, memorable moments with high-profile people, and the *ahem* unleashing of a late-night comedy spoof last spring that we’re still laughing about. 


Feb. 7, 2023 
Launch of OncoExTra™ cancer therapy selection test 

We introduced our new precision oncology solution, the OncoExTra test. It’s a next-generation sequencing, comprehensive DNA- and RNA-based genomic test providing doctors and their patients a complete molecular picture of the patient’s cancer. It works by profiling the entire exome and the transcriptome across approximately 20,000 genes. The test provides reliable, actionable results personalized to each patient.   


Feb. 25, 2023 
A very memorable Saturday night 

“Saturday Night Live” surprised us with a hilarious parody commercial starring host Woody Harrelson and featuring the Cologuard® test, the noninvasive, at-home stool-based colorectal cancer (CRC) screening test for average-risk people 45 and older. Friendly — sometimes menacing — Cologuard boxes invited Harrelson to “unleash” in them and then hand them off to a UPS driver, played by Kenan Thompson. We were thrilled that the show’s national audience received an important screening message, particularly on the eve of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. 


March 3, 2023
Katie Couric kicks off the Cologuard Classic by Exact Sciences 

Award-winning journalist and cancer advocate Katie Couric made a special appearance at the Cologuard Classic by Exact Sciences golf event to share why raising awareness is so important to her. Couric lost husband Jay Monahan to colon cancer in 1998 and has been a tireless champion for screening ever since. After celebrating CRC survivors, caregivers, and patients at the Night of Champions reception, Couric thwacked a ceremonial tee shot down the fairway at the tournament’s opening ceremony.   


June 1, 2023 
We’re certified as a Great Place To Work® for the fifth consecutive year 

The Great Place To Work certification is based on results of a confidential employee survey evaluating a company’s work environment, culture, and leadership. In 2023, 82% of Exact Sciences employees said that the company is a Great Place To Work, surpassing the average U.S. company by an impressive margin of 25 points. It was our fifth year in a row to reach that distinction.  


June 20, 2023 
Positive top-line results from the BLUE-C study for the next-generation Cologuard test 

We announced study results showing that the next-generation Cologuard test met all study endpoints and improved every top-line metric, including a 30% lower false-positive rate, when compared to DeeP-C, the FDA registrational trial for Cologuard. “Cologuard is a groundbreaking innovation in noninvasive cancer detection. Next-generation Cologuard will set a new performance standard,” said Kevin Conroy, chairman and CEO at Exact Sciences. 


Aug. 31, 2023 
First Lady Jill Biden visits the Cologuard Lab 

The first lady stopped by our Madison, Wis., lab to observe the high-tech, multi-step process that tests patient samples for the presence of biomarkers associated with CRC. Biden’s Madison trip emphasized the importance of early detection and improved access to cancer screenings, both of which are key components of the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative. 


Sept. 1, 2023 
Oncotype DX® approved for reimbursement in Japan 

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare began reimbursement for the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test, which helps certain patients understand how likely their cancer is to return and whether they will benefit from chemotherapy. The program approved in Japan combines the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test and software developed for the Japanese market, granting women in Japan broad access to the insights the test provides.  


Sept. 12, 2023 
Exact Sciences acquires Resolution Bioscience

The Seattle-area team brings innovative diagnostics that we’re integrating into our Precision Oncology portfolio. “Resolution Bioscience’s high-quality liquid therapy selection platform perfectly complements our OncoExTra test, allowing Exact Sciences to help more cancer patients determine their best treatment options,” said Brian Baranick, general manager of Precision Oncology at Exact Sciences. 


Dec. 7, 2023 
FOCUS Grants awarded to 23 organizations focused on increasing CRC screenings 

Our Funding Opportunities for CRC Screening Uptake Strategies (FOCUS) Program gives grants to organizations committed to improving CRC screening rates and making healthcare more accessible, with a focus on medically underserved populations. Our latest awards went to 23 organizations. Since its launch in 2022, the FOCUS Program has awarded more than $2.9 million to 50 organizations, furthering our commitment to health equity


Dec. 8, 2023 
Joining forces with Colorectal Cancer Alliance to spread the word about screening 

LEAD FROM BEHIND and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance launched its latest campaign to reduce stigma and drive knowledge of screening choices, with support from Exact Sciences. Its funny and highly irreverent video, set in a football locker room, encourages people 45 and older to get screened for CRC and highlights the ease of at-home testing with options like Cologuard.