Cancer is detected too late

Exact Sciences is changing the way we think about detecting and treating cancer. As a leader in cancer testing, we are committed to providing earlier answers and life-changing treatment guidance.

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Providing earlier, smarter answers

We understand the role we play in the fight against cancer. From earlier cancer detection through treatment guidance and monitoring, we're working to enable patients and providers to take action sooner—when it matters most.

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Delivering Life-Changing Innovations

We are relentless in our pursuit to find the right science and technology for every challenge. Our approach is defined not only by our thorough process, but also by our willingness to explore any angle that leads to the best answer.

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Keeping People First

The most effective and revolutionary solutions start with a focus on people. The empathetic spirit that fuels our culture drives us to create and deliver solutions rooted in the needs of patients, providers, and families.

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Our teams use their scientific expertise to practice innovation driven by robust research and cutting-edge science.

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Exact Sciences Laboratories is dedicated to delivering the most accurate early cancer detection results possible.

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