OUR VISION: Exact Sciences is committed to helping win the war on cancer through early detection.

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Detecting Cancer Earlier to Improve Outcomes

Applying a unique scientific platform

Through our partnership with Mayo Clinic to discover the most relevant biomarkers and Exact Sciences’ technology platforms, we can extract trace amounts of the most relevant DNA, and use a combination of biomarker types to help detect cancer and pre-cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages.

Changing how cancer is detected

Exact Sciences is improving patient outcomes by ensuring access to minimally invasive tests, optimizing screening programs to improve compliance, and continually providing high-quality data to guide clinical decision making.

Creating a long-term, sustainable impact

Exact Sciences is investing in our people, technology and infrastructure for the long term in order to create value for patients, our employees, investors and our community.

Exact Sciences Laboratories is dedicated to delivering the most accurate results and providing physicians and patients with world-class services.

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