At Exact Sciences, we support the health of our communities, wellbeing of our employees and take responsibility to make positive change for our environment. To us, community isn’t defined solely by geographic lines. It’s a feeling and identity shared by those connected through common experiences and common causes. Some by choice. Some by chance.

We know strong partnerships, active involvement, and a commitment to help each other is what makes communities stronger.

Follow us on our journey as we partner with our communities through volunteer work, increase sustainable efforts, and expand access for earlier cancer detection.

We are Exact.

Read our 2023 Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance report here.


Exact Sciences is built on the core values of innovation, integrity, quality, teamwork, and accountability. These guide our commitments to fighting cancer, building brighter communities, and creating a more sustainable world.
Kevin Conroy, Сhairman & CEO

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