The OncoExTra™ test helps physicians understand changes to a patient's genomic profile by providing a more complete molecular picture of advanced, metastatic, refractory, relapsed, or recurrent solid tumors. Knowing this information can help patients and physicians make informed choices when considering therapeutic treatment plans.



*Retrospective analysis of 1509 clinical reports, of which 1261 included both DNA and RNA profiling. OncoExTra RNA findings detected variants in 5.9% [75/1261] of samples vs 3.5% [44/1261] in DNA analysis.1

Clinically actionable variants are defined as variants that are associated with available therapies or clinical trial enrollment for a specific somatic variant identified in a patient’s tumor.1

††The OncoExTra test is not an FDA-cleared or -approved IVD device or companion diagnostic for the referenced biomarkers and FDA-approved therapies.1

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