Employee Q&A: Transitioning from College Grad to Sales Professional

Exact Sciences is recruiting heavily in an effort support the launch of Cologuard and development of our product pipeline. To support this effort, we'll be publishing Q&As with Exact team members in the areas we are hiring.

The weeks, and sometimes months, immediately following college graduation can be a confusing time for many young people. Molly Boyle is a glowing example of how a recent college grad was able to find her place and a clear path with some help from Exact Sciences. Learn more about her story below: 

Tell us about your experience at Exact Sciences.

Like many recent college grads, my life was really at a turning point when I stumbled upon the opportunity at Exact Sciences. With a major in Business Administration and Marketing, there were multiple potential career paths before me, and I wasn’t sure which way to go. Sales was an interesting field, but marketing looked intriguing, too. It wasn’t until a family friend told me about Exact Sciences that I knew where I wanted to be.

In May of 2014, I accepted a sales internship with the company and haven’t looked back. I grew from an intern to a Sales Training Coordinator, gaining valuable experience along the way, and was recently promoted to Market Development Representative. The future is looking bright for me at Exact Sciences!

How has Exact Sciences helped you on your career path?

The environment at Exact Sciences truly fosters personal and professional growth for employees. Managers are focused on making sure employees are on track to achieve their career goals. My manager, the National Sales Training Manager, was instrumental in helping me grow and learn. She was more than just a manager, she was also a trusted mentor.

My manager was always pushing me to learn new things that would help advance my career. Exact Sciences offers a variety of different internal trainings, which she would frequently nominate me for. I was recently able to attend a seminar focused on best practices for business communications. This seminar was really informative and taught vital skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

What does a Sales Training Coordinator do?

A Sales Training Coordinator’s main responsibility is to plan and manage logistics for all new hire trainings and events. From on-site support to sending out post-training curricula, we play a huge role in ensuring these events go off without a hitch.

Leading up to a large sales meeting, we work closely with multiple outside vendors and work cross-functionally within many different departments at Exact Sciences. Whether it’s double-checking on catering, finalizing attendee lists with HR, managing hotel accommodations or providing on-site support throughout the event, this role offers a new logistical and organizational challenge each day. At the end of the day, the most rewarding thing is seeing the successful, well-executed meetings we facilitate from beginning to end.

How have your responsibilities changed now that you're in the Market Development Representative role? How has it affected your career goals?

My role as an MDR is very different from my role as a Sales Training Coordinator. As a Sales Training Coordinator, my day to day schedule was never the same, and I typically was interacting with different outside vendors, several different departments here at the home office, and the field salesforce in order to get ready for upcoming training classes or events.

Now that I am an MDR, I get to put my knowledge and passion about Cologuard to action, and call on physicians’ offices all day long. I also get to partner with the upstate New York area sales team, and interact with several of them a couple times a week. Typically, I assist them by calling on their “no see” offices that they have trouble getting access to.

This role has made me even more excited about continuing my career in a sales. Every time I call on an office and have a meaningful conversation with a doctor, nurse, or any member of their staff, it feels so rewarding knowing that I am helping spread the word about Cologuard. Becoming an MDR has definitely made me want to keep working hard to continue to advance in my career 

What does Madison offer a young professional such as yourself?

I’m originally from Milwaukee and moved to Madison after Exact Sciences hired me on full-time. Being right of out college, it was important for me to live somewhere with a lively, fun downtown environment, and Madison has just that—there is no shortage of fun things to do. The city offers a wide variety of workout classes and has great areas to walk or bike. The lake is also beautiful during the summer. From the Farmer’s Market to all the restaurants on The Square, Madison is also a great town for the “foodie” in anyone.

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