Product Pipeline

While the Exact Sciences team is working hard on the commercial launch of Cologuard, we're also researching other ways to help find cancers that are among the most difficult to detect.

Of the 580,000 estimated cancer deaths in 2013, about 25% of them were the result of gastrointestinal or digestive cancers. Through our continued collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we want to develop new products to help catch these cancers early, before they become more dangerous.

We're hoping to develop a means to more easily detect both esophageal cancer and Barrett's Esophagus, a high-risk condition for esophageal cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, esophageal cancer is the fastest-growing cancer in the United States.

Exact Sciences is also looking into developing a tool to diagnose pancreatic cancer, a disease that will be diagnosed in nearly 50,000 people in America this year per the American Cancer Society.