A 12-Step Winter Workout You Can Do at Home

During the winter months, it can be difficult to find the time and equipment necessary to maintain your usual exercise routine. Here's a quick, 12-step workout you can try indoors to keep yourself in shape.

It is important to begin every workout with an effective warm-up to prepare your muscles and get your heart beating and the oxygen flowing. Before you start your training exercise, do the following:


  • Jump rope—30-40 seconds

You can do this warm-up exercise with or without ropes, as long as you perform the motion.


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  • 4-way Lunge—4 sets for each leg

Jump in lunge form facing the front, diagonal, side, and back. Make sure your knees don’t touch the ground.


  • Toe-tap on stairs—30-40seconds

In a fast-paced motion, alternate tapping your toes onto the first step of your staircase.


  • Run in place with high knees—30-40 seconds

See how fast and high you can go in 30-40 seconds. You will feel the burn!


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Once you’ve finished the first circuit, repeat it twice to get your body ready for the strength training workout.



Now that you are warmed-up and ready to go, you can start your weight/strength training exercises, designed to increase your balance and muscle control. It’s important to prioritize quality over quantity; do the movements in a controlled motion to accomplish the whole body workout!

  • Squats—10-12 reps

Don’t let your knees come over your toes, sit back and power through the movement to strengthen your quads and glutes.

  • Pushups—10-12 reps

Choose the form best suited for your strength level (regular, on your knees, feet up on chair or table, etc.)


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  • Wall-sits—30-40 seconds

Keep your back straight against the wall and breathe deeply as you hold a wall-sitting position for 30-40 seconds.


  • Lunges—10-12 reps

Slow, strong movements will deliver the best results.


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  • Jog up and down stairs—4 times

You can vary your pace each time you ascend your staircase. Challenge: try skipping steps for an even better cardio workout!


  • Jumping Jacks—15-20 reps


  • Sit-ups—15-20 reps

Keep your back and neck straight as you inhale, then curl and tuck your abdomen as you exhale and contract those stomach muscles.


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  • Planks—30-45 seconds

Keep your back straight as you work your core, holding your body in push-up position (or on your elbows). Breathe deeply and push yourself through those last 10 seconds!


Congratulations! You’ve outsmarted the cold and completed an effective total body workout right in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to stretch out your muscles and drink plenty of water after your workout!

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