Effective August 2, 2022, mdxhealth has acquired the Oncotype DX GPS (Genomic Prostate Score) test from Exact Sciences. To help ensure a smooth transition for patients, continue to place orders for this test through the existing Exact Sciences portal until further notice. Additionally, Genomic Health Inc, part of Exact Sciences, will continue to perform the Oncotype DX GPS test during the transition. Further communications explaining transition plans will be provided in the coming months. For more details, please review the following press release. Questions? Email: gps@mdxhealth.com

Graham Lidgard


Joined Exact Sciences: 2009

Graham Lidgard is the co-inventor of Cologuard®, and has served as our Chief Science Officer since 2009. Prior to joining Exact Sciences, he served as Vice President, Research and Development at Nanogen, Inc., Vice President, Research and Development at Gen-Probe, Inc., and Co-founder and Vice President, Product Development at Matritech, Inc. Mr. Lidgard holds a bachelor’s degree with honors as well as a doctoral degree from the University of Manchester.