Leadership Team


Medical Leaders

  • Website ThumbnailsKevin

    Kevin Conroy

    Chairman of the Board and CEO
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  • Website ThumbnailsJeff

    Jeff Elliott

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
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  • Everett Cunningham

    Chief Commercial Officer
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  • Website ThumbnailsJeff

    Jake Orville

    General Manager, Screening
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  • Brian Baranick

    Brian Baranick

    General Manager, Precision Oncology
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  • Dirk Zimmermann

    General Manager, International
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  • James Herriott

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
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  • Sarah Condella

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources
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  • Jorge Garces

    Jorge Garces

    Chief Science Officer
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  • Website ThumbnailsAna

    Ana Hooker

    Chief Laboratory Officer
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  • Sri Kalluri

    Chief Information Officer
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  • Morry Smulevitz

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
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  • Website ThumbnailsGraham

    Graham Lidgard

    Chief Science Officer, Emeritus
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  • Website ThumbnailsDavid

    David Harding

    Senior Vice President, Multi-Cancer Early Detection
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  • Website ThumbnailsSandi.jpeg-1

    Sandra Statz

    Senior Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
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  • Susan Moon

    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience
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  • Rick Baehner

    Chief Medical Officer, Precision Oncology
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  • Paul Limburg

    Chief Medical Officer, Screening
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  • Tomasz (Tom) Beer

    Tomasz Beer

    Chief Medical Officer, Multi-Cancer Early Detection
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