Research Grants and Collaborations

Exact Sciences is pleased to provide funding opportunities for activities that align with our Purpose and Vision. Research funding is intended to address a recognized scientific knowledge gap and strategic evidence contribution. Funding is available to organizations (funding not provided to individuals). Learn more About Us.

Program Background

Exact Sciences offers a variety of research opportunities. Requests are evaluated on scientific merit, operational feasibility, alignment with Exact Sciences' areas of research interests, and availability of budget and resources. Support may include funding, required logistics, or resources. Please review the following definitions:

Investigator Sponsored Study

An individual investigator acts as the study sponsor and assumes responsibility for development, design, IRB approval, study execution, compliance and regulatory requirements related to the study.


External Research 

Exact Sciences or an external investigator can be the study sponsor. Exact Sciences may provide oversight and work collaboratively on the study design, protocol, analysis, execution and reporting or publication of results. We request submission of a proposal including the specific support and input requested of Exact Sciences.


Study applications are assessed in two phases:

  • In the first phase, a Concept Proposal is submitted. Create a submitter profile including basic contact information.
  • In the second phase, the Full-Proposal is submitted. Include contact information for additional study members.
  • Submission of a Concept or Full-Proposal does not imply nor guarantee endorsement. Any support provided from Exact Sciences is contingent upon an executed agreement.

Timelines depend on required documentation. Timelines vary and may shift if there are areas needing clarification.


  • Where permitted by national laws, regulations, national guidelines and professional codes of conduct, Exact Sciences may provide restricted Research Grants to support clearly defined third-party-initiated research studies for clinical or non-clinical research programmes in therapeutic areas in which Exact Sciences is interested and/or involved. Research Grants may include in kind or financial support for legitimate, study-related, documented expenses or services, and/or reasonable quantities of single-use and/or multiple-use free of charge product(s) for the limited duration of the research.
  • Eligibility includes but is not limited to: public or private institutions of higher education and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Individuals are ineligible to receive grants; Exact Sciences does not sponsor individual fellowships

For questions, please contact: U.S. International


Areas of Focus