Learning you may have or be at risk for cancer is hard. But getting ahead of it is becoming easier. Exact Sciences has a vision to help you discover and eradicate cancer early through one-of-a-kind tests that screen for cancer or help identify targeted treatments for your specific cancer.

Exact Sciences has developed a range of tests that can catch cancer before you know it or give you important information about the genes responsible for your diagnosed cancer. With this information in hand, you and your doctor can confidently choose a treatment path that may be most effective and personalized for you.

Right now, these tests focus on colorectal and breast cancers. But our scientific teams are also busy researching more cancers and developing multi-cancer testing to help many more people in the future. We're pleased to share some of our current clinical studies that will allow us to bring great new tests to patients.

At Exact Sciences, we conduct a range of clinical studies to rigorously assess the safety and performance of our tests in order to detect cancer earlier and guide optimal treatment.

We're pleased to highlight below some of our current clinical study efforts.






Completed Studies

Detecting Cancers Earlier Through Elective mutation-based blood Collection and Testing (DETECT-A) Study

Feasibility of blood testing combined with PET-CT to screen for cancer and guide intervention.

Are you interested in participating in a Clinical Study? Here’s what you can do and what you can expect:

Step 1

Reach out to your doctor to ask about a clinical study that seems related to your condition. Alternatively, your provider may suggest you participate in a specific clinical study that could help treat your condition.

Study staff will ask you a few questions to see if you meet the requirements to join the study.

Step 2

If you meet the eligibility requirements, a team of medical professionals will thoroughly discuss the study with you, give you time to ask questions, and review the informed consent form. Once you feel comfortable and have all your questions answered, you’ll provide written permission to start your participation in the study.

Step 3

Arrive at the clinic for your first visit! After that, you will continue to come in for visits according to the clinical study schedule.