Backed by strong science and robust clinical research in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Cologuard® is a stool DNA-based colorectal cancer screening test for average-risk individuals who are 45 or older. Cologuard uses a biomarker panel which analyzes a person’s stool sample for 10 DNA markers, as well as blood in the stool (hemoglobin). This multi-marker approach is a distinguishing feature of Exact Sciences’ scientific platform.

Cologuard finds colon cancer even in early stages when it is more treatable.1,2,3*

Cologuard is convenient. It’s a noninvasive screening option that can be used at home that requires no special prep, no need for time off, no changes to your diet or medication. People can collect their Cologuard sample in the privacy of their own home. Cologuard includes a built-in patient navigation program with 24/7 patient support for questions and reminder texts and calls to support completion of the test.

Innovation Supports The Cologuard Scientific Platform

*Based on 5-year relative survival

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