Wrapping Up a Successful 2016 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Week

It's been a busy week at Exact Sciences. 

On the heels of several important news releases Monday, the company attended the 2016 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, sharing an update on the company as part of a presentation Thursday. 

For further details, read on.

Expanding Cologuard's In-Network Coverage Supports Continued Growth in 2016

The company's first release of the week revealed expanded in-network coverage for Cologuard, Exact Sciences' FDA -approved, non-invasive, stool-DNA colorectal cancer screening test.

Anthem BlueCross of California, which is part of the second-largest commercial health insurer in the United States, now covers as an in-network service for its more than 4.5 million enrollees. Read more »

New Modeling Supports Using Cologuard Every Three Years

Exact Sciences also revealed Monday that new modeling data supporting a three-year testing interval for Cologuard had been published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Colorectal Cancer.

At an assumed average price of $600 per test and an assumed average cost of $1,500 for colonoscopies following a positive test, three-year sDNA screening costs $11,313 per quality adjusted life year compared with no screening. Read more »

Exact Sciences Announces Preliminary Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

As part of its preliminary 2015 results, Exact Sciences shared Monday that it completed 104,000 Cologuard tests with a compliance rate exceeding 70 percent during 2015.

This release also included preliminary details on 2015 earnings and 2016 guidance. Read more »

View Key Slides from Exact Sciences' 2016 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Presentation

Prior to its presentation at the 2016 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Thursday, Exact Sciences released the presentation deck and highlighted several key slides.

This blog post offered a deeper dive on some of the most important takeaways from Exact Sciences performance in 2015 and plans in 2016. Read more »

If you'd like to listen to the presentation in full, please follow this link. You can also view the slide deck in full below or download the slides.

 Cologuard is indicated to screen adults of either sex, 50 years or older, who are at average risk for colorectal cancer. Cologuard is not for everyone and is not a replacement for diagnostic colonoscopy or surveillance colonoscopy in high-risk individuals. False positives and false negatives do occur. Any positive test result should be followed by a diagnostic colonoscopy. Following a negative result, patients should continue participating in a screening program at an interval and with a method appropriate for the individual patient. Cologuard performance when used for repeat testing has not been evaluated or established. For more information about Cologuard, visit www.CologuardTest.com. Rx Only.

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