Watch: Follow the Cologuard Test Process from Order to Result

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From the time a healthcare provider orders Cologuard for one of his or her patients, Exact Sciences Laboratories takes on the responsibility of making sure that patient follows through with the test.

Every Cologuard test is processed and tested at our state-of-the-art facility in Madison, Wis., but it is much more than a lab. Through the customer care center, our associates answer patients’ questions about colon cancer and Cologuard ordering and testing. But their most important job is reaching out to patients who have not returned their Cologuard collection kit and are in danger of not getting screened appropriately.

Our customer care associates are the heart of what we call the "compliance engine," the calls and letters that go out to encourage patients to return their collection kit. As a result of their work, the compliance rate nearly doubles from what it would be if no reminder calls were made. We are pleased that through the dedicated work of our customer care associates, our compliance rate continues to surpass our goal of 70 percent.

How do we do it? Watch the video below to learn what it takes to take a Cologuard prescription from order to result.

While our customer care center associates are busy driving the compliance engine, our laboratory staff processes and tests the samples that are returned.

If you're attending Exact Sciences' inaugural Investor & Analysis Day (#EXASIRDay) this week or following along via social media, you'll have the opportunity to tour Exact Sciences Laboratories in person.

But even if you can't make it to #EXASIRDay, you can learn more about how sample processing and testing is conducted at our state-of-the-art laboratory by watching the video below.

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