Meet the people behind Cologuard: #TeamCologuard

#‎TeamCologuard tells the stories of Exact Sciences team members who work behind-the-scenes to complete your Cologuard test. Meet the people who are helping you get screened for colon cancer.

These individuals each play a crucial part in ensuring that your test results are as accurate as possible and are all motivated by the same goal: get more people screened for colon cancer! 

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The life of a Cologuard order starts with your healthcare provider. They complete an order form and send it in to our lab in Madison, WI. Our Order Entry Specialists, like Sierra, receive and process the orders. 

She enters all of your information into our order entry system so that we can keep track of your Cologuard order throughout all stages of the process. As the first point of contact with your order, Sierra and her team ensure the information entered is correct and can be processed as accurately and efficiently as possible. #TeamCologuard

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Once your order is entered into our system, one of our Eligibility Specialists, like Rhea, works to correct errors. If she or someone on her team has any questions, they may reach out to you via phone. #TeamCologuard 

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As soon as your order has been processed, we ship a Cologuard kit to your home via UPS. At the same time, a Customer Care Associate, like Duowan, will contact you for a friendly welcome call.

He gives you a heads-up that your Cologuard kit is on its way and highlights that our Customer Service team is available 24/7 to answer questions. He will provide an overview of what to do once the test arrives so that you can feel comfortable knowing what to expect. #TeamCologuard

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If it has been a week since we shipped your kit and we haven’t received it back yet, Belinda, or another one of our Customer Care Associates, will give you a call. 

She will make sure you received the kit and nothing is missing. If you received the kit, this is the perfect time to ask any questions, since you have all the materials in front of you and can walk through the process together.  #TeamCologuard

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Once your Cologuard kit arrives at the lab, we need to prepare it for testing. Mark and our team of Specimen Processing Associates receive the kits, register them into our system, and prepare the sample for testing. #TeamCologuard

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If anything looks incorrect on your Cologuard kit versus what is in our system, Mark will send it over to our Exception Handling team, which includes Lauren. 

Anything from an incorrectly recorded collection date to a problematic sample will require further inspection to ensure the Cologuard test is accurate. Lauren works closely with the Customer Care Associates to alert them when you need to be reached to clarify information. 

Lauren puts the sample in a freezer to keep it viable until Customer Service can obtain the correct information. In case it is an unusable sample and as a last resort, she will have to discard it and prompt Customer Service to reach out to you for a recollection. #TeamCologuard

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To obtain the actual test result, Matthew and the Clinical Laboratory Scientists take your sample through a multi-step process to arrive at a simple positive or negative result. #TeamCologuard  

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Your Cologuard results are in.  As soon as your test completes the lab analysis process, Leanne and the Technical Business Associates on the Information Management team receive a full report on the results. 

Whether the test result is positive or negative, Leanne will send the results to your doctor within 24 hours. Should your test result in a “positive,” Leanne will make sure to call your doctor immediately to speak with them directly about the result. 

Leanne knows that it can be stressful waiting for your results so she does everything she can to deliver your results quickly. #TeamCologuard

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After the test has been processed and the results are in, Samantha and our team of Reimbursement Specialists review and process patient billing statements for any unresolved balance. #TeamCologuard  

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Throughout the entire cycle of a Cologuard order, Linda and the Quality Assurance team monitor each step to confirm that everything is running smoothly and effectively. 

Guided by strict standards that are set by laboratory regulations, industry standards and the Exact Sciences Laboratories Quality Assurance team, Linda works to identify and correct any potential problems that might disrupt the accuracy or quality of your Cologuard test. 

Thanks to Linda’s unwavering dedication to consistency and high-quality service, you can rest assured knowing that your colon cancer screening is in good hands when using Cologuard. #TeamCologaurd  

Cologuard is indicated to screen adults, 50 years or older, who are at average-risk for colorectal cancer. Cologuard is not for everyone. It is not a replacement for diagnostic colonoscopy or surveillance colonoscopy in high risk individuals. Rx only.


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