Exact Sciences and Basketball Great Jamal Mashburn Encourage Americans 45+ to have a game plan against colon cancer

In collaboration with The Blue Hat Foundation, “Box Out Colon Cancer” offers a timely spotlight on screening and prevention for the nation’s #2 cancer-related killer1

MADISON, Wis., March 7, 2024 – Exact Sciences Corp. (Nasdaq: EXAS), a leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostic tests, is teaming up with iconic pro basketball all-star and Kentucky legend Jamal Mashburn to introduce "Box Out Colon Cancer," in observance of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and the most exciting time in college basketball. This national educational campaign will encourage everyone 45 and older to screen for colon cancer – a disease affecting people of all races, genders, and ethnicities – in line with American Cancer Society recommendations.2

“Box Out Colon Cancer” is a direct response to the alarming, increasing rates of colon cancer diagnoses and deaths under the age of 50.3 With support from Mashburn, “Box Out Colon Cancer” is issuing a challenge to some of the nation’s leading college basketball coaches – over the age of 45 – asking them to get screened for colon cancer and encouraging others to do the same.

“Both with basketball and colon cancer, the best defense is a good offense,” says Mashburn, who took up the cause in loving memory of his mother, Helen, who battled colon cancer in her lifetime. “I’m encouraging others to speak with their doctors about what’s right for them and ‘Box Out Colon Cancer.’ Taking preventive measures on your health isn’t just for you – it’s also for your loved ones and the years you deserve with them.”

Colon cancer screenings can play a critical role by catching the disease early when it is more treatable and stopping the cancer before it can grow and spread. When caught in early stages, colon cancer is treatable in about 90% of people.4,[A] For more resources and information on available screening options, visit BoxOutColonCancer.com.

This national campaign was created in collaboration with The Blue Hat Foundation, a grassroots colon cancer non-profit organization committed to promoting colon cancer screening through their "Screening Madness" campaign designed to target young adults, African American men, and other at-risk communities by using compelling sports visuals and informative health education. While all those age 45 and older could benefit from colon cancer screenings, the need is particularly critical for the African American population as they are 20% more likely to develop and 40% more likely to die from colon cancer than most other groups.5

“We are honored to join Exact Sciences in putting a ‘full court press’ on breaking colon cancer screening stigmas, particularly in the Black community,” says Candace Henley, founder of The Blue Hat Foundation. “Together, we can ‘Box Out Colon Cancer,’ one screening at a time.”

“At Exact Sciences, we work hard to drive awareness of the importance of timely colorectal cancer screening and to provide an accurate and easy-to-use option for people to screen from home,” says Paul Limburg, Exact Sciences chief medical officer, Screening. “We are thrilled Jamal Mashburn and The Blue Hat Foundation share the same passion for getting people screened, and our hope is to inspire and motivate people ages 45 and up to take action and get screened.”

If you are 45 or older, talk to your doctor about the right screening option for you to Box Out Colon Cancer. For more information and resources, and to challenge someone you know 45+ to get screened, visit BoxOutColonCancer.com.


About Exact Sciences Corp.
A leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostic tests, Exact Sciences gives patients and health care professionals the clarity needed to take life-changing action earlier. Building on the success of the Cologuard® and Oncotype® tests, Exact Sciences is investing in its pipeline to develop innovative solutions for use before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis. For more information, visit ExactSciences.com, follow Exact Sciences on X (formerly known as Twitter) @ExactSciences, or find Exact Sciences on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About The Blue Hat Foundation
The Blue Hat Foundation was founded in 2015 by colorectal cancer survivor Candace Henley. Its mission is to educate, raise awareness and provide resources to free screenings for minority and medically underserved communities. It accomplishes this goal via grassroots efforts like “Blue Hat Bowtie Sunday” to share the importance of CRC screening in church communities and its “Screening Madness” effort in partnership with the Big 10 Cancer Research Consortium. For more information visit thebluehatfoundation.org or find them on Facebook.

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[A] Based on 5-year survival.

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