Cheeky New Campaign Reminds to Screen for Colon Cancer in October Too

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it has been observed for twenty five years, as a result the color pink can be seen everywhere in October. Pink has come to symbolize hope but it is also a reminder to get screened. Volunteers and advocates have spent countless hours promoting the month and making sure the issue of breast cancer screening is top of mind. They have been immensely successful, more than 75% of women report they are up to date with getting screened.

Now colon cancer advocacy group, the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) is hoping to encourage people to think about breast cancer screening and to think about their colon too! CCA has launched the Screen This Too campaign. With a cheeky logo, advocates want to encourage more people to get screened for colon cancer. 

“Colon cancer is up to 90% preventable,” Jasmine Greenamyer, CEO at the Colon Cancer Alliance tells Exact Sciences. “Just like breast exams, colon cancer screenings can save your life. I know we all want to think, ‘It can’t happen to me’, but this isn’t just an older man’s disease. Studies show that men and women get diagnosed at nearly equal rates. Don’t put it off - when you head to the doctor for your annual checkup, be sure to tell them you want to Screen This Too!”

CCA advocates hit the streets in Washington, D.C. earlier this month to check out awareness levels when it comes to colon cancer. The results are in the video below, and they show we have some work to do.

The Screen This Too campaign is more than just a cute slogan, there is a link between breast and colon cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, studies show breast cancer patients have a 20% to 80% increased risk of subsequent colon cancer compared to the general population.

CCA is encouraging people to show their support for the campaign on social media. You can change your Facebook cover image to the Screen This Too logo. They are also selling t-shirts with the logo at a special discount during the month of October, just enter SCREENTHISTOO code at checkout and get 50% off.

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