October 31, 2023

The Field After the Field: Exact Sciences’ Student-Athlete Ambassadors

It’s said that most student-athletes go pro in fields other than their sports. 

As they compete on the university’s field (or court or pool or track), they’re also training for life beyond school, choosing studies that align with their future plans. 

And now, with the 2021 change in NCAA rules that allows them to benefit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL) as athletes, they can blend those two worlds in creative new ways. 

This academic year, Wisconsin-based Exact Sciences is partnering with eight student-athletes from UW-Madison. Each is majoring in a STEM area (science, technology, engineering, math) and will engage with the company on various initiatives, including social media outreach, community outreach events, and more.  

The arrangement, called Exact Sciences Athletes, allows the company to evolve its ongoing support for UW athletics while reaching new audiences and cultivating future talent. It benefits the university by potentially keeping its students in the Madison community after graduation and helping it to be more competitive in athletics recruiting. And the athletes can explore career options and build their personal brands while getting paid for their work. 

“We are constantly looking at ways to evolve our partnerships to make them as effective as possible,” says Katie Boyce, senior director of corporate impact and community relations at Exact Sciences. “With the NIL opportunity to work directly with athletes to highlight their success, we are thrilled to embark on this program.” 

The 2023-24 Exact Sciences student-athlete ambassadors include: 


Phoebe Bacon

Sport: Swim (free/back/IM) 

Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md. 

Major: Health Promotion and Health Equity 

About: In addition to being an Olympian, Phoebe is passionate about making sure that everyone has access to the tools needed to stay healthy. As a swimmer, she prioritizes water safety and teaching kids how to swim. In the community, she enjoys volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House through Badgers Give Back. 

Dara Andringa 

Sport: Soccer (midfielder) 

Hometown: Stillwater, Minn. 

Major: Health Promotion and Health Equity 

About: Dara has a special connection to Exact Sciences. Her father, Rob Andringa, participated in the annual Cologuard Classic pro golf tournament before he passed away from colorectal cancer. Today, Dara’s family carries on Rob’s legacy and spreads the message about the importance of getting screened. In the community, Dara likes to work with kids and teach them how to play soccer. 

Austin Brown 

Sport: Football (safety) 

Hometown: Johnston City. Ill. 

Major: Health Promotion and Health Equity 

About: Austin is interested in exploring a few different career paths with his health equity and health promotions major. He enjoys studying kinesiology and could see himself one day working as a strength coach. He also wants to learn more about a career in medical device sales. Austin likes to give back to the Madison community through food donations and has an interest in hosting a football camp for kids in the area. 

Taylor Gilling 

Sport: Track (sprints) 

Hometown: Highland Park, Ill. 

Major: Health Promotion and Health Equity 

About: Taylor is interested in nursing and has a background in caring for others. When her grandmother had cancer, Taylor played a significant role in helping to nurse her back to health. She also has helped with in-home care for patients and wants to spread awareness of the importance of getting routine check-ups and screenings. In the community, she enjoys volunteering with Badgers Give Back and helping children in hospitals. 

Sophia Gruenling 

Sport: Rowing 

Hometown: Marshfield, Wis. 

Major: Genetics and Genomics 

About: Sophia became acquainted with Exact Sciences through PreventionGenetics, which is based in her hometown of Marshfield. Her family’s history with cancer drives her interest in pursuing a career as a genetic counselor — her mom had two different forms of cancer, and two family members passed away from brain cancer. In the community, she’s passionate about working directly with people to make a difference. 


MJ Hammill 

Sport: Volleyball (setter) 

Hometown: Greenwood, Ind. 

Major: Biomedical Engineering 

About: MJ is a key member of the No. 1-ranked, national championship-winning volleyball team. She plans to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner and hopes to apply for nursing programs next year. Additionally, she is passionate about STEM and making sure girls can see themselves in the sciences. In her community, MJ is interested in supporting efforts around homelessness, domestic violence shelters for women, and healthcare for the aging population. 

Kiley T. Robbins 

Sport: Track (sprints) 

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis. 

Major: Biology 

About: Kiley's passion lies in the hands-on work of science. She’s driven by the idea that medicine is always evolving and that new discoveries happen every day, and she’s ready to take what she’s learned in the classroom and apply it to research. In her community, she's worked with Boys & Girls Club and enjoys opportunities to interact with children. 


Molly Schlosser 

Sport: Softball (outfield) 

Hometown: Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Major: Health Promotion and Health Equity 

About: Molly is especially drawn to the kinesiology part of her major because she grew up in a family focused on caring for personal health and wellness. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, so Molly is interested in spreading awareness about the importance of screenings. In her community, she likes to focus on health and wellness, along with cooking and nutrition. She has previously coached kids in softball.