November 02, 2021

Ride Along With a Cologuard Kit Through the Laboratory

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Ever wondered what happens to your Cologuard kit after you mail it back? This video will take you behind the scenes at the lab.

If you’re over 45, we hope you’ve spoken to your doctor about getting screened for colon cancer. If you’re at average risk, your doctor might prescribe Cologuard. That means that you’ll collect a stool sample from the comfort of your own home (or place of your choosing), ship it off to the Exact Sciences lab in Madison, Wisconsin, and await your results.

But what exactly happens to that specimen and the thousands of other Cologuard kits that are prescribed every week after you’ve popped it in the mail? It takes a high-tech, futuristic ride toward the final destination: a screening test that may help detect colorectal cancer.