When it comes
to cancer
earlier is better1

We're people before we're patients.

There is a moment when we all have the upper hand against cancer. It’s before the first signs and symptoms show up, when more options are on the table. It’s the moment before a person living their life becomes a patient fighting for theirs. But too often, early detection opportunities are unavailable or missed. If we can detect cancer earlier, we can stay one step ahead of it.2 We can give more people the chance for better outcomes – our friends, our families, ourselves.

At Exact Sciences, we are dedicated to changing the way we screen for cancer by developing a multi-cancer early detection test designed to help catch early-stage cancers even before symptoms appear. This includes the goal to find hard-to-detect cancers that have no standard screening like ovarian and pancreatic cancer, where detection could make a significant positive impact.1-4

A broad cancer screening blood test

At the core, MCED tests are designed to find signals in the blood from many different types of cancer. The signals tell us that cancer may be present, even at its earliest stages. By adding a simple blood draw as part of your routine checkups, cancer screening with MCED testing may increase the chances of detecting cancer early.2-4

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Exact Sciences is a leading provider of testing designed to transform cancer care – before, during and after diagnosis – with tests like Cologuard® and Oncotype DX®, which provide early detection and treatment guidance, respectively.


Leveraging that extensive experience, we are developing an MCED test that is designed to be used with standard-of-care screenings and fit within routine care like mammograms, colon cancers screenings, and Pap tests. In developing an MCED test, our goal is to help detect more tumors at earlier stages, that don’t have standard screening tests today.3-6

If we can detect cancer early—while we have the advantage— we may be able to stay one step ahead of it.1,4
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Frequently Asked Questions

Exact Sciences’ MCED test is under development. The features above describe current development goals. It has not been cleared or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or any other national regulatory authority.



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