This August, Exact Sciences sponsored the Bottoms Up Invitational, a golf tournament focused on bringing advocates together and recognizing colorectal cancer survivors. The event aims to raise greater screening awareness, empower patients to navigate treatments, and fund innovative research to end colorectal cancer (CRC).


NBC News anchor Craig Melvin and his wife, Lindsay Czarniak hosted the invitational in honor of Melvin’s brother Lawrence Meadows, who passed away from colon cancer. This year, the 2022 Bottoms Up Invitational raised $1.1 million to advance the mission of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a national nonprofit, and to honor Meadows.

The event brought together a community of patients, survivors, and advocates, unifying them for one common goal – to end colorectal cancer. To amplify their voices, Exact Sciences invited colorectal cancer survivors to join team members throughout the invitational.


On Monday, August 15th, Exact Sciences welcomed survivor Victor Liang and his wife, May, to be a part of the foursome for the golf tournament. Currently battling colorectal cancer, Victor played for his representing organization, COLONTOWN.


“I could not be more grateful to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Craig Melvin, and his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, for hosting such a meaningful event that raised more than a million dollars toward the fight against colorectal cancer” said Bryan Goettel, advocacy associate director at Exact Sciences. “I had the good fortune of playing with stage IV survivor, Victor Liang, his wife May, and survivor Simon Ross, and everyone went out of their way to ensure they had a great experience.”


“Golf is a unique sport- as everyone can participate and get involved. It meant a lot to me as an avid golf player and survivor to have been included in the foursome, as many of the participants were celebrities and donors,” said Victor. “It was a very enjoyable experience to be a part of with everyone there wholeheartedly supporting the cause.”


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