Advocacy and business leaders in colorectal cancer, including Exact Sciences Chairman and CEO Kevin Conroy, met with the White House Moonshot team to discuss how we can work together to respond to the President’s Cancer Moonshot and address the key gaps and barriers to colorectal cancer screening.

The July 25 meeting was the beginning of ongoing engagement with the White House and an opportunity for these leaders to present, seek feedback, and secure buy-in on both policy solutions and public-private partnership ideas that will increase colorectal cancer screening and improve access to treatment.


National advocacy organization Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) selected Exact Sciences as a partner in the presentation and to help respond to the President’s call to action to improve and increase access to colorectal cancer screening and follow up care.

Behind the high-profile meeting is Ashli Douglas, Director of Government Affairs, Mary Doroshenk, Director of Advocacy and Alliance Relations, and their teams, who worked hand-in-hand to secure Exact Sciences' place in these important discussions.


“Getting nearly two hours with decision-makers at the White House is the result of our ongoing and dedicated commitment to elevating the importance of solutions that address the need for screening and early detection, especially for underserved populations and the 44 million people who need to be screened,” said Ashli. “Some types of cancer have greater national awareness which increases the likelihood that people will seek out screening. We want the same recognition for colorectal cancer.”


“Strong coalitions focused on advocacy are key to removing barriers for our patients,” added Mary. “We struggle with issues every day that are not unique to Exact Sciences, including financial barriers to screening and serving vulnerable populations. When we join forces with other leaders in the space, we magnify our efforts and can be part of solving bigger problems.”


Never before, Mary said, have industry and advocacy come together the way these teams have as a result of the Fight CRC’s hard work. “We are on the precipice of long-term changes for patients and are so proud of the weeks and months of work it took to be part of this,” said Mary. “With the Biden Administration’s focus, we can advance the Exact Sciences mission to impact more lives by improving patient access and follow-up for cancer screening and treatment.”

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