At Exact Sciences, we take on cancer together by uniting with the best resources within our communities. Exact employees dedicate their work to improving cancer care, whether that be testing in our labs or volunteering to rappel down a building for a good cause.


Five daring Exact team members conquered their fear of heights and went “Over the Edge” to raise money for Gilda’s Club Madison. Nearly 60 participants braved the 14-story drop, rappelling from the rooftop of the Hilton Monona Terrace hotel down to supporters watching in anticipation below.


This year’s event raised $54,176 to support Gilda’s simple philosophy that no one should face cancer alone. Gilda’s Club Madison provides free emotional support and cancer education to patients and caregivers impacted by cancer. The organization offers post-treatment guidance, support groups, healthy living programs, and one-on-one counseling.


“I deeply admire those who set out to accomplish amazing, difficult and some would even say ‘impossible’ things (like rappelling down a building),” said Nicole Hessels, Senior Director of Wellness, Engagement and Experience at Exact Sciences. “Because that is what we are doing at Exact Sciences, bring life-changing advancements to doctors and patients to help eradicate cancer and the suffering it causes.”


Lannia Stenz, Executive Director and CEO of Gilda’s Club Madison, said “Over the Edge” is more than a fundraising event; it empowers us to step out of our comfort zone and support others. “When someone first hears the words ‘you have cancer’ it can be devastating. Uncertain about the future. But with care and support, many more people are living well with, and beyond cancer,” says Stenz.


“That’s kind of how it feels to go Over The Edge. It is scary and uncertain but with the encouragement and support of the ropes team, nearly anyone can trust their harness, lean back and make it safely down the building.”


To learn more about Gilda’s Club Madison, visit:

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