For Pride 2024, Exact Sciences found a way to actively support the LGBTQ+ community: by literally getting active. 

The company designed its Move with Pride initiative to encourage the Exact Sciences team to log 6,500 minutes of physical activity. When the team met the goal, Exact Sciences would donate $10,000 to The Trevor Project. The nonprofit is a leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ young people.  

Move with Pride ran June 10-21. Team members could log any type of activity toward the initiative — a long run, a short dance break, time in the garden, time in the gym. The 6,500-minute goal represented one minute for each Exact Sciences employee. And those employees stepped up in a big way: Just 72 hours into the challenge, the Exact Sciences team recorded more than 17,000 minutes of movement. 

As part of its wellness program, the company offered Pride-themed fitness classes virtually and in person. Its Discovery campus in Madison, Wisconsin, also hosted ping-pong and free-throw competitions to get people moving.  

The team finished with more than 53,000 minutes of movement for the initiative. 

“Our team has shown up with kind hearts and a passion for supporting the mental health resources available through The Trevor Project,” says Stefanie Berg, who manages volunteering programs at Exact Sciences. “We’re thrilled to see so much enthusiasm for an important cause.” 
The Pride initiative follows the May launch of Exact Sciences’ Pride Inclusion Network, an employee resource group intended to uplift the company’s LGBTQ+ professionals and their allies. The group works to create opportunities for engagement, education, visibility, networking, and positive impact at work and in the community. 

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