As part of a growing program to keep metals out of the landfill, an Exact Sciences campus on Madison’s west side is now home to a dedicated dumpster for all company-owned scrap metal. 
“This strategic move aligns with our commitment to supporting the health of our communities and taking responsibility for positive environmental change,” says Zach Pulliam, a senior fleet operations specialist who initiated the company’s scrap metal recycling program
Before this change, Pulliam collected scrap metal at several Exact Sciences locations in Madison each quarter and hauled it to a scrap yard.  
Since 2022, more than 30,000 pounds of scrap metal have been recycled from Madison locations. Profits from any valuable metals go to The River Food Pantry, which serves 2,500 people each week with groceries, meals, and other services. Exact Sciences has donated nearly $5,000 to the pantry so far from the scrap metal project.  

More metals, more meals 

Meanwhile, in Marshfield, the facilities team at PreventionGenetics plans to stand up a donation initiative based on the Madison program’s success. 
The Exact Sciences subsidiary is laying the groundwork to begin donating money from its own scrap metal recycling program to a food pantry near its central Wisconsin headquarters. The Marshfield location generates a small amount of scrap metal. Still, the team estimates it will be able to donate a few hundred dollars a year solely from scrap metal salvage. 

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