Throughout recorded history, the arts have reflected the kind of society we are — including dreams past, present and future.

Exact Sciences believes the undeniable relationships between the arts, business and opportunity are what make community institutions, like performing arts centers, an essential ingredient of vibrant local communities.

Since its inaugural season in 2012–13, Exact Sciences has proudly served as the presenting sponsor for the National Geographic Live! series at Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Located in the heart of the city’s downtown, Overture Center sits midway between the Wisconsin Capitol and University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. It hosts nearly 700,000 people each year, approximately half of who attend its free or low-cost community and education programs.

“Exact Sciences got involved with Overture because we view this facility and its programs as a cornerstone of our community,” says Sarah Condella, Exact Sciences senior vice president of Human Resources. “We receive so much strength from the Madison community, it is only right that we give back to the arts and cultural programs that are enriching lives and inspiring the next generation.”

The National Geographic Live! series brings some of the most stunning visuals in the world to the stage and gives audiences an opportunity to interact with the artists and scientists documenting our world. It makes science and technology accessible to children and families, and it is a way to remind ourselves of the role we all play in contributing to our society and the environment.

A highlight of the National Geographic Live! series is exclusive matinee presentations that provide students an opportunity to meet the photographers, scientists and explorers documenting our incredible world. Performances are provided to the schools free of charge with support from Exact Sciences.

Through the years, Exact Sciences’ support for Overture has only deepened. In 2017, Overture named Exact Sciences to its prestigious list of Local Legends (since renamed Corporate Champions) for individuals and organizations committing $100,000 or more to support its mission.

“The arts’ contribution to our society is often overlooked, but it should not be underappreciated,” Condella said. “The arts enrich and cross-pollinate with other fields, prompting new ideas and ways of thinking that help our economy grow. You cannot have creativity without the arts.”

A complete list of upcoming National Geographic LIve! shows can be found on Overture Center’s website at


Photo above: Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Image courtesy of Overture Center.

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