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The Exact Sciences’ pipeline is expanding at a rapid pace. We’re taking the same innovative problem-solving approach that resulted in the multitarget stool DNA test (Cologuard®) to tackle a wide array of cancer screening challenges. We’re also leveraging the success and impact of the Oncotype IQ® portfolio of tests to transform patient treatment decisions. Through our pipeline efforts, we aim to give patients and clinicians confidence, while helping to provide smart answers at every step of the cancer journey.


“So much of the progress we’ve made so far can be characterized as an amalgamation of solving problems, every step of the way. Why not continue to apply this approach as we pursue a pipeline of early cancer detection tests?”

Dr. Graham Lidgard Chief Science Officer


  • Building a cancer detection platform upon learnings from the development of the Cologuard test
  • Expanding the Oncotype IQ platform to include liquid and tissue-based tests, all with the goal of making cancer care smarter
  • Adapting biomarker-based technologies to create a liquid biopsy capable of detecting cancers and precancers from a blood sample
  • Using our proven multimarker approach to achieve analytical sensitivity needed to discriminate between normal and cancerous samples
  • Collaborating with world-class clinicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic to identify biomarkers associated with the 15 deadliest cancers

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