Giving Thanks to Madison this Season

“Geography is destiny,” author Abraham Verghese wrote in a recent novel.

Those words ring particularly true for Exact Sciences. Our company has thrived thanks to the state of Wisconsin, and our state’s strong education institutions and hard working people.

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Quality Measures For Colon Cancer Screening Should Not Focus On Age Alone, Study Suggests

Researchers at the University of Michigan this week found that recommendation guidelines for colon cancer screenings may be contributing to both overuse of screening in patients in poor health and underuse of screening in patients in good health.

Physicians begin recommending colon cancer screening for average risk patients starting at age 50, and most insurers use quality measures that encourage 50- to 75-year olds to get screened. However, the results of a recent study indicate that it may be beneficial to include benefit to the patient as part of these quality measures instead of age alone.

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