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Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED)


Cancer is detected too late. Today, 70% of incident cancers have no early detection tests. We envision a future where blood drawn at an annual physical is used to find cancer earlier, when it can be more effectively treated or even cured. Our goal is to integrate early cancer screening into routine medical care and help guide patients and physicians in follow up care. 


Our MCED blood test is designed to detect multiple types of cancer at the earliest stages possible, before symptoms occur. We’re combining cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology with a machine learning engine, allowing the test to improve with every person screened. It is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into routine medical care, alongside other existing cancer screening tools.

To support our test, we’re also developing a comprehensive service that includes result interpretation, follow-up testing, and for confirmed cancer diagnoses, facilitation into oncology care. At Exact Sciences, we will be a partner for healthy patients, cancer patients, and physicians from the very beginning and throughout the entire journey.


An early version of our MCED test was evaluated in DETECT-A, a landmark prospective, interventional study of 10,000 women between the ages of 65 and 75 with no prior cancer history. The results, published in Science in April 2020, demonstrated that our blood test more than doubled the number of cancers first detected through screening and 65% of cancers were identified at earlier stages.

Data from this study will help inform test development and future studies, including those intended to support regulatory approval, so we can reach more patients with this groundbreaking technology.