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At Exact Sciences, we work to foster a culture of health and well-being for our employees. We promote a "Real, Whole Foods" approach to eating because food not only has important implications for our individual health, it’s also one of the most powerful ways we can connect to each other.

We do all we can to support socially and environmentally sustainable food systems. Whenever possible, we source local, humane, and organic options by partnering with vendors who understand and share these values. We also aim to offer these high-quality, health-supporting foods to employees at a reduced cost. Exact Sciences subsidizes a delicious salad bar at our Madison “Connection Kitchens," and we expect prices to keep going down once we start harvesting from our on-site Freight Farm.

We also want to bring people together through food, and we built our new dining spaces in Madison with this holistic wellness approach in mind. These common spaces are intended to truly nourish employees from inside out and create a dining experience where colleagues exchange ideas and get inspired. We believe that sharing meals together is a powerful way to get to know each other, strengthen relationships, and foster collaboration and teamwork.

With “Real, Whole Foods,” we hope to transform workplace dining.


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