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For the second year in a row, the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change is recognizing Exact Sciences for efforts taken to reduce the company’s impact on the environment in its hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

“Exact Sciences is built on the core values of innovation, integrity, quality, teamwork, and accountability. These guide our commitments to fighting cancer, building brighter communities, and creating a more sustainable world,” said Kevin Conroy, chairman and CEO, Exact Sciences.

Exact Sciences received awards for its work in three areas:

  • Water Conservation – Investing in green infrastructure and water conservation measures to reduce chloride in lakes. This included judicious management of water softeners and limiting the use of salt to melt snow during winter months

  • Recycling solutions - Developing innovative recycling solutions that reduce energy and water consumption while increasing recycling

  • Waste Management – Minimizing waste generated and investing in innovating recycling efforts

The clinical lab waste processing system reduces electricity, water, natural gas, and salt usage for water softening.

 In 2020, Exact Sciences saved approximately 6 million gallons of water and 30,000 pounds of salt by using hard water instead of softened water, and recycled 1.75 million pounds of plastic.

An overview of Dane County’s climate change accomplishments and map of the 2021 Climate Champions is available here.

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