Corporate Priorities

  • Continuing to grow the Cologuard business
  • Providing world-class service to physicians and patients through our customer care center
  • Continuing to advance a valuable, clinically-important pipeline of products

2014 Annual Report


Investor & Analyst Day

Learn more about our inaugural Investor & Analyst Day.

Exact Sciences Laboratories

How our lab’s technologies and efficiencies carry Cologuard from arrival to result.

The Exact Sciences of Customer Care

Supporting patients and driving compliance is a science all its own. Learn how we practice it.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the leaders that make Exact Sciences a world-class company.


Cologuard User Profile

How Dr. Brian Fenmore is getting more patients screened.


Tennis Anyone?

How Cologuard's keeping Steve Rubin on the court and bringing physicians into play.