Performance For Life

Corporate Priorities

  • Continue to grow the Cologuard business
  • Establish foundation for success for Cologuard and other potential products
  • Improve the quality, while reducing the cost, of Cologuard


The Patient Perspective

Hear what one Cologuard patient said after Cologuard helped detect precancer.

Exact Sciences Laboratories

How our lab’s technologies and efficiencies carry Cologuard from arrival to result.

The Exact Sciences of Customer Care

Supporting patients and driving compliance is a science all its own. Learn how we practice it.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the leaders that make Exact Sciences a world-class company.


Strengthening Clinical Evidence

A look at some of the clinical data on Cologuard from the past year.


A Letter To Our Shareholders

Kevin Conroy shares the story of Dr. Anas Daghestani in a letter to Exact Sciences' shareholders.