What Research Suggests About Aspirin's Potential To Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Aspirin's role in cancer prevention and treatment has long been a popular topic of medical studies.

Most recently, a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showed women who take a small dose of aspirin had up to 20% decreased risk of developing ovarian cancer, again reigniting the discussion around aspirin's cancer-fighting potential.

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Infographic: How Many People In Your Age Group Develop Colon Cancer?

First we wanted to show that yes, you can get colon cancer as a young adult. Too often, young people ignore the warning signs of colon cancer because they don't think they'll be affected until much later in life. By the time they do get diagnosed, oftentimes it's too late.

Secondly, we're aiming to show just how important it is to start getting screened regularly starting at age 50. While young people can and do get colon cancer, many, many more people who are 50+ do so.

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A 12-Step Winter Workout You Can Do at Home

During the winter months, it can be difficult to find the time and equipment necessary to maintain your usual exercise routine. Here's a quick, 12-step workout you can try indoors to keep yourself in shape.

It is important to begin every workout with an effective warm-up to prepare your muscles and get your heart beating and the oxygen flowing. Before you start your training exercise, do the following:

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