How Healthy Are Your Super Bowl Snacks? (Infographic)

In the mean time, check out this mini infographic featuring some of the most popular Super Bowl snacks and their respective calories per serving. And remember, in most cases a serving is not really a whole lot of food!

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High Vitamin D Levels Contribute to Colorectal Cancer Survivability

In a recent write-up for OncLive, Dr. Kimmie Ng, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical Center’s Dana-Farber Cancer institute, examined the findings of several such studies from the last two decades. Several of them were conducted by Ng herself.

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8 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes for Snacks Your Guests Will Love

Researchers estimate the average American consumes about 1,200 calories during the big game, a hefty chunk of the estimated 1,600-2,400 daily intake recommended for women and 2,000-3,000 recommended for women.

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